Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Sentimental Dolliez review

Handmade Jewelry

Hello everyone, today I will be reviewing this adorable package I got from Sentimantal Dolliez!
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It took around 4 weeks for the package to arrive to Serbia. Everything was wrapped up in a decorative plastic bag.

When I opened it up there was a small box with the store logo, a really cute note, some candy which I wasn't expecting, so this was a sweet surprise hahah, and these adorable keychains, each in separate little bags. Honestly I was amazed by how neatly and with a lot of care everything was packed and made, I was really touched!

The candy was delicious (Thank you so much! ^-^) I got Free! Iwatobi Swim Club keychains, and they are so cute and I love the style they were made in and how accurate was everything, esspeacially the details!  Even the bags they were packed in look amazing.

Look at Rin's small shark teeth! I really love how the chain is also decorated with tiny bells and transparent beads in different colors! Another thing I got was the bigger keychain that was packed in the box.

The bigger keychain was Rin Matsuoka since I said he is my favorite character from the series! It was also packed in a little bag.

I just adore it! Rin even has a little shark with him and the blue glitter looks like they are in the water. I immediately put all the keychains on my keys! Also I got a cute plastic pink anime girl keychain.

I highly recommend their store! The seller is really nice and kind and most importantly replies fast so if you have any questions you can ask them! I must commend how much effort is spent for every customer's order and that is really honorable and sweet, I would give 10/5 stars! I was really excited when I got a chance to work with such an amazing shop!

Do check out their links for more amazing work:

Thank you for reading!


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