Sunday, November 13, 2016

Ruler Cosplay wig review

Pandora Hearts The Intention Of The Alyss Heat Resistant Fiber Super Long White Anime Wigs 167A 

Pandora Hearts Heat Resistant Fiber Super Long White Anime Wig

About the product:
  • SKU: COS167A
  • Material: Heat Resistant Fiber
  • Length: 135cm
  • Weight: 0.38kg
  • Price: $35.99
Hello, today I will be reviewing this gorgeous wig that was kindly sponsored to me by Ruler Cosplay. This is also the wig I used for my Zen cosplay that I got asked a lot about. Shipping took around 2 weeks which was quite fast. The wig came in a plastic bag, secured with a net.

This wig is really amazing quality for such a long wig, it is thick and soft. I was really afraid that it will be too thin since I needed to cut the top part short, but it turned out really great and I am super happy with it! I used a straightener on it and it didn't damage it at all since the fibers are heat resistant, also it is quite easy to style. This was an Alice/ Undertaker wig so I expected it to be really long, but it was way longer than I imagined, and I was really sad I had to cut it because it looked so beautiful. It is a bit tangled on the ends because I don't know how to take care of such long wigs, it reaches under my knees as you can see. :') 

The top of the wig is layered, but with long layers so you can cut them and adjust to your liking, also on the sides there are 2 long small braids. Bangs are also quite long, as you can see, so you have more hair to work with.

This is how the wig looks like after I styled and cut it. I only have selfies for now, but I will have a photoshoot as Zen so expect more pictures! 

I want to say I highly recommend Ruler Cosplay shop. They sell large variety of wigs, and from my experience this wig looked exactly like the one on the picture. The staff is really nice and kind and they reply fast! I am very satisfied with the service I was provided from them, and a chance to review one of their wigs. Overall rate: 5/5 stars.
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Thank you @klmbear (IG) for the photos! 

Thank you for reading!

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