Saturday, May 21, 2016

Miccostumes cosplay review

Black Butler Season 3 Ciel Phantomhive Gray Cosplay Costume

Hello everyone! Today I am going to review Ciel Phantomhive cosplay costume which was sponsored to me by Miccostumes.

About the product:
  • Product Number: Black_Butler_C_9
  • Included items: shorts, shirt, vest, coat, gloves, eyepatch
  • Sizes: Male/Female XS, S, M, L, XL
  • Custom made: +$20
  • Price: $65.99
  • Care Instructions: Handwash in cold water. Line dry.
 The cosplay came in nicely folded in a plastic bag. Shipping took around 3-4 weeks so it was standard. You can also choose to have your cosplay delivered by express shipping. I took size S since I am rather short (165cm) and it fits me so well! The colors, materials and the design are wonderful. It is very accurate compared to the original design and the pictures shown on the website. The whole costume is really comfortable and easy to put on. Most of the costume is made of uniform cloth, if I'm not wrong, and the back part of the coat and the shirt are made out of silky material. Eyepatch and the gloves are made out of fake leather. This is how the costume looks like front, side and back.

The costume arrived undamaged and the quality is just amazing! When I read all the parts that come with this cosplay there wasn't eyepatch included, and I was really surprised when it arrived with the cosplay and it was really well made! 

I was a bit worried that the gloves won't fit me since I ordered some gloves online before from E-bay and they didn't really fit, but these were just perfect! 

I also really love the rose on the striped collar on the shirt. It is attached by small velcro part under the rose and it's sewn to the shirt on the back.

The vest is really comfortable, it is just a bit bigger on the sides but it's not noticable so I won't have to narrow it. 

Shirt is really comfortable and I like the material it is made of. There are pleats around the neck and on the chest. Part of the sleeve is wide it looks like little skirts on hands, I don't really know how to explain it I'm so sorry for my limited English. But here is a picture. 

Overall I am very satisfied with this cosplay and the Miccostumes service. They reply really fast and are really kind! Ciel was my first anime cosplay and I always wanted to improve him and redo the whole cosplay but I never did, so thank you Miccostumes for this great chance! :)
Right now I am waiting for my actual Ciel wig to arrive and I am going to have a real photoshoot soon so I'm looking forward to that! 
Anyway, I highly recommend buying your cosplays from Miccostumes, they sell large variety of costumes, wigs, props and everything you need for your perfect cosplay! Plus the prices are great for the quality you get!

Costume link:

Special thanks to @klmbear for taking these pictures for my review. 

Thank you for reading and here is a Cielfie for you. :)

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