Saturday, July 30, 2016

Klenspop review

Photo: KLM Studio

About the product:
  • DIA: 14mm
  • Graphic DIA: 13.7mm
  • BC: 8.6mm
  • Water Content: 38%
  • Power: 0.00~ -5.00 (there are no -0.25, -0.75)
  • Life Span: 6 months
  • Price: $18.00 (now on sale $7.20)

Hello everyone, today I am going to talk about these lenses that were kindly sponsored to me by Klenspop.  Shipping took around 3-4 weeks to my country. They came in small glass vials, packed in a pretty little box. The box was protected with bubble wrap so the lenses don't get damaged and that is pretty cool.

Inside you will find your lenses, lens case and a pair of tweezers.

I really like the design not being plain one color. The little dots in the middle really make your natural eye color blend well and the outer darker edge makes your eyes pop out more. They are pretty transparent so they aren't very noticable. If you like natural looking lenses these are the perfect fit! I love how they enhance my natural eye color as you can see on the close up photos. These lenses are super comfortable I wore them for like 6-7 hours and didn't even feel them in my eyes. I wish they were a bit bigger though.

I really recommend buying your lenses from Klenspop, their products are high quality and their staff is really kind and reply fast.You can find large variety of amazing lenses on their website:

Overall rate: 4/5 stars

Thank you for reading!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Sentimental Dolliez review

Handmade Jewelry

Hello everyone, today I will be reviewing this adorable package I got from Sentimantal Dolliez!
You can use my code 'YUUMA' to get 15% off entire purchase.

It took around 4 weeks for the package to arrive to Serbia. Everything was wrapped up in a decorative plastic bag.

When I opened it up there was a small box with the store logo, a really cute note, some candy which I wasn't expecting, so this was a sweet surprise hahah, and these adorable keychains, each in separate little bags. Honestly I was amazed by how neatly and with a lot of care everything was packed and made, I was really touched!

The candy was delicious (Thank you so much! ^-^) I got Free! Iwatobi Swim Club keychains, and they are so cute and I love the style they were made in and how accurate was everything, esspeacially the details!  Even the bags they were packed in look amazing.

Look at Rin's small shark teeth! I really love how the chain is also decorated with tiny bells and transparent beads in different colors! Another thing I got was the bigger keychain that was packed in the box.

The bigger keychain was Rin Matsuoka since I said he is my favorite character from the series! It was also packed in a little bag.

I just adore it! Rin even has a little shark with him and the blue glitter looks like they are in the water. I immediately put all the keychains on my keys! Also I got a cute plastic pink anime girl keychain.

I highly recommend their store! The seller is really nice and kind and most importantly replies fast so if you have any questions you can ask them! I must commend how much effort is spent for every customer's order and that is really honorable and sweet, I would give 10/5 stars! I was really excited when I got a chance to work with such an amazing shop!

Do check out their links for more amazing work:

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Monday, July 4, 2016

RoleCosplay wig review


24cm Short Dark Brown Cosplay Wig

Hello everyone, today I will be reviewing this gorgeous wig by RoleCosplay
About the wig:
  • Product code: jf-0003-DB
  • Material: Heat Resistant Fiber
  • Lenght: 24cm/9.45inch
  • Color: Dark Brown
  • Price: $13.50

Shipping took around 3-4 weeks so it was pretty standard. Wig came in plastic L-email wigs bag.

It was packed in plastic wig bag with cardboard protection and wig net over it.

The color is really accurate to the picture shown on the website. The quality is just amazing! It is super thick and it's not shiny at all. Wig is really soft and I had no trouble styling it, also it is layered on the back and a bit on the top but the sides and the bangs are long enough to cut them by your liking.  This is how the wig color looks indoors and outdoors.

I used this wig for my Twelve from Zankyou no Terror costest and for my Oikawa Tooru from Haikyuu cosplay. 

I will have a photoshoot for Oikawa soon, so you can see how the wig looks like styled on this selfie from the convention I went to. For Twelve I didn't even have to cut it that much, I just trimmed it on the sides a bit and shorten the bangs since they reached up to my lips. Overal I really recommend RoleCosplay and WigSupplier because the quality of their products is really great and their prices are REALLY LOW, especially for the wigs which is great so everyone can afford a high quality wig for less money. Their staff is super kind, fast replying and they are willing to answer your every question. 
Overal Rate: 7/5 stars 

If you are shopping at their stores it would really help me if you used these links! Thank you so much and thank you for reading my review!