Monday, June 20, 2016

Optyk Rozmus lens review

  • B.C.:8.6
  • 17mm lenses
  • only zero power (plano)
  • yearly contacts
  • price: $31.99
I got these lenses from Optyk Rozmus. They arrived really quickly, took them about a week which is great! Lenses were in sealed glass vials which were packed in a box.

I just love these lenses! The design is really cool, they really make you look like cartoon/anime character since the black part is so big it enlarges the iris and the aqua line on the edge makes them pop out more. Color is very vivid and they will look great on any eye color. Also they are a little bit thicker then regular lenses so they might seem uncomfortable at first, especially for people that never wore mini scleras before, like me, but you will get used to it after few minutes. They really give that creepy cute dolly look which I adore! I used them for my mermaid look.

I really recommend them, as well as their store, they are super nice and very friendly and their products are amazing! 
Overall rate: 5/5 stars

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